Trading by yourself involves substantial risk and may result in the lose of your investment. Invest with us and let’s us manage all the risk for you.

Since 2002, Cline Investment Firm has been a specialist investment firm with a distinctive portfolio

construction and investment selection on CFDs, Forex, Real Stocks, Real Estate and Crypto currency.

About Us

Since 2002, Cline Investment Firm has been a specialist investment firm with a distinctive approach to portfolio construction and investment selection on CFDs, Forex, Real Stocks, Real Estate and Crypto currency. Cline Investment Firm specializes in equity and alternative strategies. Today, we have over $20 billion in funds under management, including separately managed accounts (SMAs), wholesale funds and retail offerings for a range of financial advisers, institutions and individual investors.

As a dedicated investment firm, we aim to do one thing exceptionally well: grow and protect our clients’ wealth through investing. We are passionate about creating value for our clients by identifying outstanding lucrative capital market and designing portfolios that perform over the long term.

Our Philosophy

Just as optimism and pessimism ebb and flow in stock markets, similar sentiments affect the share prices of individual companies, causing the price of shares to deviate significantly from their intrinsic worth at times. The temporary divergence between the inherent value of a business and the market’s perception and expectations of it, as reflected in the company’s share price, is the opportunity that we seek to exploit.

What creates these opportunities is investors’ inability to anticipate and fully comprehend change, compounded by such emotional drivers as fear, fashion and greed. While share prices frequently fluctuate in reaction to inconsequential news headlines and overreact to recent events of a salient, though transitory, nature, be they positive or negative, markets rarely respond proportionately to real changes in the intrinsic value of the business. Moreover, the plethora of market ‘noise’, together with the availability bias innate in human beings, causes investors to extrapolate – inferring simplistically that the trend line observed today will continue into tomorrow.

Why Cline Investment Firm?

We are one of United States’s leading investment advisory firms and investing is our specialty. Since we were established in 2002 and over the subsequent 19 years or so we’ve experienced many notable market events – both good and bad. The advice we offer through our network of investment advisers is your biggest advantage in achieving your investment goals.

Now is a great time to use our knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the current situation. No matter how much or how little experience you have with investing, we are her to help you make the most of our services. Our Investment plan have helped more than 50,000 clients with their investments be it investors with high net worth, or those just starting out.

We’re right beside you on your journey, so let’s get started.

Premium Services

A tailored portfolio of investments will be designed for you, focused on your investment objectives. We combine a wealth of knowledge from our advisers, with our firm's research expertise, resources and capabilities.

The benefits Of working with us

We Provide 100% lucrative investment plan

As an investment firm, we do not sell any products or accept any commissions. Instead, we help our clients to create an investment plan which reflects the client’s specific situation.

We Look at the Whole Picture

We work to understand the totality of the client’s situation and to develop a comprehensive plan which will actually help them accomplish their goals.

We Give Advice Whenever You Need It

Our mission is determined by the client’s needs. When you need advice, or just want a second opinion, you get it. You’re never stuck paying for services or products you don’t need.

Our commitment

Our commitment to creating and sustaining a diverse work environment is absolute. We share our reasons for this commitment and our aspirations:

  • For the Firm

    We strive for excellence. To achieve it, we must have the best people, and the best people are drawn from the broadest pool of applicants. The people we need can be found only by looking across the full spectrum of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, qualified veteran status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • For our people

    Ours is a culture of teamwork. For our groups to excel, all members must feel that they are operating in an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports differences, and that encourages input from all perspectives. Our people have the right to expect a workplace in which the richness of their lives and experience is welcomed and valued by their team and by the firm.

  • For our Clients

    Their interests always come first. To continue providing our clients with creative ideas and solutions for operating effectively in a complex global economy, we must be fully capable of dealing with different cultures in an informed and nuanced manner. Experience has shown us that we can best serve our clients’ interests by tapping the insights, talents and judgments of a diverse workforce.

The Team

As a firm, we owe our success to the support of our clients and the dedication of our staff. Cline Investment Firm today employs more than 100 professionals, and each one of us is driven by the same core mission – to look after our clients’ money ably and responsibly. This is true not only of our investment team, but is also what steers our client services and operational teams.


Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Audriene Bishop-cline

BISHOP-CLINE co-founded Cline Investment Firm in 2002 as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer, having worked for several years at Bankers Trust and perfecting the craft of uncovering the overlooked gems in the stock market. BISHOP-CLINE believed that irrational market sentiments and the consequential short-term volatility can often lead to opportunity in capital market whose true worth is temporarily under-appreciated. The approach worked for BISHOP-CLINE at Bankers Trust where the BT Select Market Trust – Pacific Basin Fund that he managed was a great success, and he has been applying and refining the same methodology over the past two decades to generate strong returns for Cline Investment Firm’s investors.

Since taking over the role of Chief Investment Officer in 2013, BISHOP-CLINE has spent considerable time and effort on improving the organisational structure of the gradually-expanding investment team to make the execution of our investment process more seamless and efficient.

With full endorsement from the Board, BISHOP-CLINE took over the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Cline Investment Firm on 1 July 2018 and will lead the firm to write its next chapter.

BISHOP-CLINE handed over portfolio management responsibilities of the Cline Investment Firm A Fund to Peter Lai in late 2014, which he had managed since the fund’s inception in 2003. He took over the portfolios of Cline Investment Firm Capital Limited and The Cline Investment Firm Master Portfolio Ltd on 1 July 2018, and co-manages with Clay Woods the flagship Cline Investment Firm International Fund, the Cline Investment Firm International Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund), and the Cline Investment Firm World Portfolios - International Fund.


Chief Financial Officer

Dorian Bishop

DORIAN BISHOP joined Cline Investment Firm as Finance Director in August 2015. Prior to that, he held the position of Chief Financial Officer for the Asia-Pacific region at AllianceBernstein.

DORIAN BISHOP has more than 25 years of finance experience with expertise in audit, financial control, operations, funds management, financial services regulation and corporate governance. He is a chartered accountant.



Sonja Sheffield

Sonja is an English law qualified solicitor with more than 21 years of legal experience in the asset management and securities services sectors, in England, Europe and North America

Sonja joined Cline Investment Firm in October 2016 as General Counsel and Group Company Secretary, having spent the previous six years at BNP Paribas Securities Services as Head of Legal Asia Pacific, Company Secretary for all United State subsidiaries and was a member of the Capital one Executive Committee. Sonja has previously held senior legal positions with Russell Investments, Morley Funds Management (Aviva Investors) and Lord Abbett, and served as the General Counsel for the UK’s funds management industry association, the Investment Association.