Trading by yourself involves substantial risk and may result in the lose of your investment. Invest with us and let’s us manage all the risk for you.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Where is Cline Investment Firm registered?


Kindly click to verify

Is there a fee to become a client and use Cline Investment Firm?

No! It’s FREE to become a client with Cline Investment Firm? and there’s no monthly charge or volume requirements either.

When should I invest?

Like starting a business, there is "always a better time". The real questions are how you identify it and when you get started.

Do management invest in Cline Investment Firm’s products?

Many Cline Investment Firm employees, including key members of the investment team, have co-invested their personal money in Cline Investment Firm’s investment products alongside our clients. There has been a clear alignment of management and employee interests with those of our investors since the firm’s inception.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Each company sets their own minimum investment amount. Cline Investment Firm minimum is $100, however most companies select somewhere between $50 and $250.

How much can I earn?

Your return depends on your investment amount and that package you invest under.

When can I expect a profit?

After 24hrs of initial investment which you can withdraw immediately.

Can I increase my investment?

Yes, at any given time.

If I invest in a company and they fail to reach their funding goal, will I be refunded?

Yes, if Cline Investment Firm fails to meet client’s expectations, all investments will be cancelled and refunded.

Do I have to be a US citizen to invest?

No, there is no citizenship requirement to invest and Cline Investment Firm is open to anyone over 18.

What payment methods does Republic support?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash

Is there any referral bonus?

Yes, 10% referral bonus for first person referral.

Can I invest with a check or deposit through my credit or debit card or bank wire?

No. Please never send Cline Investment Firm a check.

As a regulated securities portal, Cline Investment Firm can only facilitate investments online using this website through bitcoin.

If you send a check to Cline Investment Firm, the check will be returned to you, without interest or deduction, and no investment commitment will be have been made or recognized.