Trading by yourself involves substantial risk and may result in the lose of your investment. Invest with us and let’s us manage all the risk for you.

Why you should invest with Cline Investment Firm

As an outstanding investment firm, we manage your money (and ours) to create wealth. We attempt to achieve systematic absolute returns; in the past our long-term returns have been better than most world-wide, but the future will tell...

Cline Investment Firm has an independent and different style of investment management, which is driven by a thematic stock picking approach. The disposition of a fund’s assets is determined largely by the availability of companies regarded as undervalued by Cline Investment Firm, rather than by macro-economic modelling (so-called “top down” asset allocation) or by reference to recognised share index weightings (so-called “benchmarking”).

Cline Investment Firm’s products can be used as stand-alone investment options for international exposure or may be used to complement the investment styles of other managers.


At Cline Investment Firm, we believe we offer a truly unique approach to investment management for our clients. We understand that your money is extremely important to you. This is what you’ve saved and built up over the years. Ultimately, this money has to see you through retirement.

This is a double-edged sword because your portfolio must be preserved, but it must also grow. You don’t want to lose money, but you also want to earn monthly profit and being rest assured that your investment with Cline Investment Firm is safe, secured and we manage all the risk for you.


All deposit and withdrawal transactions are made through Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash. It is very important for our clients to know that deposit and withdrawal transactions are automatically controlled by clients and we don’t have any control over such transactions which means our clients can deposit and withdraw at any given time.


Cline Investment Firm Verifying Your Identity Guide provides useful support and information on the measures we use to protect you and your data from financial crime.

The ability to prove your identity is an important part of the fight against financial crimes such as money laundering. As a regulated financial services company, Cline Investment Firm must verify the identity of all customers that wants to invest a minimum of $150,000.


Upon dissatisfaction, any client can choose to withdraw all invested funds and close your Cline Investment Firm’s account with no hidden fee attached to it.

Personal Account Manager

Receive professional support from your account manager. They are available via phone, chat or email.


As the coronavirus continues to impact us all, Cline Investment Firm is monitoring the evolving situation and implementing changes in our business operation to be in the best possible position to meet your premium finance needs. We assure all of our business partners we are prepared to fulfill your investment needs and servicing needs during this difficult time.

A few things we implemented to aid in the safety of our teammates and to continue servicing your needs include:

  • Most of our teammates now work remotely to minimize any impact to servicing our customers.
  • Our teammates are empowered to work with you and your clients on efficient solutions to ensure all your financial needs are met.
  • Our top priority is the safety of our teammates and business partners. Our leadership team is meeting daily to assess and respond to any possible business impact. It is our goal that you experience no interruption to your transactions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to.